Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Mother Nature needs a new calendar

With all the talk recently about "global warming," those of us in the midwest are saying, "BRING IT ON!" The spring temps that we usually enjoy this time of year are just now making an appearance. MY calendar says spring; I think Mother Nature needs a new one.

Unfortunately, the starlings don't care a bit about it; they are once again raiding my bird feeders and harassing the poor squirrels. I DID see some finches today, though, and I'm hoping that they start building a nest in the bird house I hung up last year.


Blogger MuscleDaddy said...


That's better!

- MuscleDaddy

5:06 PM  
Blogger MOMinuteMan said...

I think The Goreacle must have flown over Cape last night. The official temp was 29F, breaking a 46 y/o record of 32F for this date...

8:19 PM  

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